Thursday, February 9, 2017

Kindergarten and 1st Grade Mud Cloth Paintings

The Kindergarten and 1st grade students learned about mud cloth from Mali. They learned about  the variety of patterns that decorate the cloth and how those patterns are created with natural pigments and dyes. The students then painted a sheet of white paper with coffee to give the paper a more natural look. The following class, they used brown, black and white paints to create beautiful paintings with mud cloth inspired patterns. The paintings are absolutely gorgeous!

4th and 5th Grade Community/Culture Painting

For this painting project, the students explored the idea of community and culture in art. We had a discussion about what community is, what culture is and how they are connected. After viewing examples of artwork created by Romare Bearden, the students brainstormed ideas about characteristics of their own community and culture and how it can be shown in a painting. They then spent a a number of classes completing their paintings.There were a lot of creative ideas and thoughtful, beautiful paintings. 

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Second and Third Grade Kente Cloth

In this lesson, the students learned about the history and characteristics of Kente Cloth from Ghana. They also learned about how it is made by hand using a large loom. The students then created their own Kente Cloth inspired artwork. They first created two different paintings. For the first painting, they used black paint on colored construction paper to create a painting with a pattern using line. For the second painting, they created a variety of colorful patterns on another piece of colored construction paper. The students then wove the two paintings together to create one artwork. Their Kente Cloth paintings are each beautiful and unique. 

Adapted from the lesson found here:

Kente Cloth

6th Grade Line/Texture/Value Drawings

The 6th grade students learned about the variety of ways they could use pencils to create texture and value in a representational drawing. We looked at drawings created by Vincent Van Gogh and practiced some of the techniques he used to create value and texture using line. We also used shading techniques to create a value scale. The students then chose a photograph of either an animal or a local Vermont landscape to work from for their drawing. They observed the textures and values in their photograph, and accurately represented the textures and values in their drawings. 

7th and 8th Grade Figure Drawings

The 7th and 8th graders were introduced to figure drawing in this lesson. We started off by discussing the proportions of the body and how to capture gesture in gesture drawings. Thanks to some brave models, the students created a variety of figure drawings from a human model. They did some short poses and some longer poses to practice both quick gesture drawings and some more detailed figure drawings. After some practice, the students chose a photograph of a figure to work from for their drawing. Some students chose athletes, while others chose dancers, cartoon characters, TV show characters or other famous figures. They decided if they wanted their drawings to be black and white or colorful. There was a wonderful variety of figure drawings created during this lesson.