Thursday, March 10, 2016

3rd Grade Fairfield Buildings

The students had the opportunity to celebrate their community in this lesson. With some help from Mrs. Howrigan, each student received a photograph of a building in Fairfield to draw. After some practice drawing a building from observation and learning how to use cross-hatching to create darker areas with pen, the students drew their building on a sheet of watercolor paper. They used rulers and tracers of different shapes to help draw the straight lines. After drawing in pencil, everything was traced in sharpie and cross-hatching was added to darker areas like windows. For the background, the students choice a combination of either warm or cool colors. They also learned about different watercolor techniques like adding paint to wet paper and dabbing wet paint with a tissue to create interesting textures. Each of these drawings/paintings is beautiful and the students did a fantastic job celebrating important places our community through art. Can you recognize any of these buildings?

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