Friday, March 25, 2016

3rd and 4th Grade Vermont Landscape Print

As a follow-up to our "Great Wave" project, the students had the opportunity to experience printmaking. Since Hokusai's prints were images of everyday life in Japan, we decided to focus on everyday life in Vermont. I printed photographs of some iconic Vermont mountains, a sugar house and Sterling Pond. The students chose which photo to work from and drew a picture of the landscape from their photo. They transferred their drawing to a foam printing sheet and made sure to press hard and draw deeply into the foam to make for clear prints. After they drew on their foam,  they colored on it with washable markers. They had a ton of fun being creative with their colors. Why not have a rainbow colored mountain, right? Once the foam plate was colored, they pressed it onto a damp sheet of paper and, like magic, the image from the foam transferred onto the paper! They students made more than one print so they could experiment with different colors and to make sure that they had at least one very strong print. I couldn't be more pleased with how these came out.  They are bright, colorful and uniquely Vermont!

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