Tuesday, September 1, 2015

2nd (2014/15) Grade Georgia O'Keeffe Flowers

To connect with the plan unit the students were working on in their classroom, I taught the students about artist Georgia O'Keeffe and her unique paintings of flowers. The students learned about how O'Keeffe zoomed in on her flowers so that you wouldn't always see the whole thing, but you would see some parts of them very close up. The students worked from photographs of a variety of flowers and zoomed in to create a drawing of the flower they were looking at. They used oil pastels and blended colors together to create beautiful, colorful, bold drawings of flowers. Their flowers are really amazing!!

7th and 8th Grade (2014/15) 2-point Perspective Treehouses

The 7th and 8th graders took on a challenging project. They learned how to create a drawing using 2-point perspective. Using this technique, you can create a drawing of something that realistically looks smaller as it gets farther from you. The students designed their own, unique treehouse and drew it in 2-point perspective. These drawings were very tricky, but they did a great job problem solving and completing amazing pieces. 

6th Grade (2014/15) Animal Drawings

In this project, the students learned how to use pencils to create value (light and dark) and texture. By creating a variety of values and textures, you can make drawings look realistic and three-dimensional. The students chose a photo of an animal they liked, cut the photo in half. They glued one half onto a sheet of paper, and drew what was on the other half of the photo onto the paper. The drawings are very detailed and look very realistic. They did a fantastic job!

7th and 8th Grade (2014/15) Mosaics

These took a long time to complete, but they were worth the effort! The students learned about ancient Roman mosaics and created their own mosaic inspired by the Roman ones they looked at. They started by drawing their idea on paper and then painting paper in a variety of colors to use as the tiles. They then cut the paper into small "tiles" and glued the tiles onto their drawings to create their beautiful mosaics. 

Kindergarten and 1st Grade (2014/15) Blueprints

For this project, the students learned about architecture and all of the different shapes that buildings are made of. The students created a drawing of a building of their own design on a sheet of blue paper. The students then used cardboard dipped in white paint and printed the lines and shapes over their pencil drawing just like stamps. This was a new painting technique for them and the students loved how this created strong, bold lines. Their buildings were all very creative and unique! 

2nd, 3rd and 4th Grade (2014/15) Faith Ringgold Memory Quilt

As a class, we read the wonderful book, Tar Beach, by artist Faith Ringgold. Faith Ringgold created a quilt with the same title, and the quilt served as the inspiration for her book. The book is a story about her actual childhood memories as well as her imagination and dreams. The students created their own "quilts" by creating a drawing of an actual memory, or something from their imagination. They learned how to use colored pencil to create smooth and blended colors. Their drawings were then surrounded by "quilt squares" that were created from magazine photos.